Let's train together!

 WHO is it for? 

ABC Football Coaching CIC believes that everyone should have equal opportunity to play football. What are you waiting for? Let's train together.


Personal - Football training

for a child/young person (Under 18) or for an adult.

Our 1-2-1 (personal) sessions are suitable for people that are completely new to the game, for people that are seeking more advice and practice and for people that are looking to improve their weaknesses as a player. Together we can practice and improve your confidence, sociable skills, technique, awareness, fitness, speed, balance, co-ordination, defending & attacking, passing, shooting, dribbling, heading, 1v1, your week foot, train brain and more. With 1-2-1 sessions the attention is all focus on you.

If you are looking only for positional specific training please let us know and we will adapt the session to be more realistic to your position to help improving your performance during your club's training sessions and match days.

Group - Football training

for children/young people (Under 18) or adults (max.8 people)

Our group session is another alternative to improve all the aspects mentioned in our personal football training description but with the advantage of learning from one another, the player can improve their team work, a greater variety of drills available e.g. possession games and the price of the session can be shared between the players to make it more affordable.

Football Fitness

Personal and Group sessions available

Football Fitness is an exciting way to keep you fit at the same time you improve your football skills. This option is perhaps a good alternative for individuals or groups that want to try something different from gyms or for those that find hard to motivate themselves to do exercise and play a sport. 

Set your goal and let's train together. That can be simply as releasing stress and cope with anxiety, improve your sense of wellbeing, being more active and feel more energised, losing weight... etc.

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