Working towards a brighter future.

Our social programme is supposed to be fully funded, so we are always looking for funding opportunities to be able to keep providing this service for FREE to those that will benefit from it. 


Our Concerns

Due to the pandemic and the inequality and deprivation that already exists in parts of Torbay and across the South of Devon, we estimate that the number of disadvantaged people has risen in the last few months. We want to address the following concerns - by providing support and activities:

  • People with mental health issues, suffering from anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence;

  • Young and older people who are lonely or isolated;

  • People in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse;

  • People suffering or in risk of obesity due the lack of being physically active and doing exercise;

  • People who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19;


Our Goals

Pause, Play & Restart aims to offer 1-2-1 or small group sessions that are personalised to the person's needs. It is our main goal to take that opportunity to make a difference to people's lives by aiming to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Help identify and develop aspirations and skills;

  • Improve people's feelings of self-esteem, enabling them to feel good about themselves and the way they present to others;

  • Improve people's social and mental health through motivation and encouragement to exercise and eat more healthily;

  • Empower individuals by encouraging them to build on their
    individual strengths, and to support them in addressing perceived personal "weaknesses".

  • Make people smile and feel happy;

This support will be provided in an informal, friendly and non-judgemental way, and by creating a positive, inspiring environment where people can build their confidence and develop at their own pace.

Our activities

The activities that we have planned are listed below, however, we are flexible and happy to adapt and embrace different or new activities that will be beneficial for the person we working with. 

  • Playing football or Walking football in the local park or on the beach;

  • 1-2-1 or small group football training session experience;

  • Get a refreshment and go for a walk or e.g. walk a dog;

  • Use the Library facilities to help with researches, etc;

  • Help with developing life skills, job searches, applications, look for volunteering opportunities, training, apprenticeships, etc;

  • Introduce to Community Centres, Community Cafes and local businesses who have suitable meeting spaces;

  • Attend free introductory sessions from social businesses that could help us and the person we support. i.e. counselling, yoga, mindfulness, alternative therapies, etc;

  • Get people together (over the time arrange group sessions to introduce people with similar likes and dislikes);

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