Pause, Play & Restart

We provide personalised support, coaching and mentoring to people from all ages in Torbay.



Working towards a brighter future.



Due to the pandemic and the inequality and deprivation that already exists in parts of Torbay and across the South of Devon, we estimate that the number of disadvantaged people has risen in the last few months. We want to address the following concerns - by providing support and activities:

  • People with mental health issues, suffering from anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence;

  • Young and older people who are lonely or isolated;

  • People in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse;

  • People suffering or in risk of obesity due the lack of being physically active and doing exercise;

  • People who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19;

  that could help us and the person we support. i.e. counselling, yoga, mindfulness, alternative therapies, etc;

  • Get people together (over the time arrange group sessions to introduce people with similar likes and dislikes);


What we offer:

- support work, mentoring and coaching;

- sessions report;

- transportation needed during a session (fully insured);

- outdoor activities in public spaces (e.g. walking, playing sports (specialist in football), etc) 

- home visits if weather isn't great (we can engage in gaming, board games, arts and crafts, etc)

- developing and improving social skills and life skills (such as cooking lessons, money management, helping with searches for volunteering or work opportunities, etc). For example, if the parents/guardians give a budget to the young person to spend on a meal for the family, I am happy to plan a meal with the young person, to take them food shopping, to prepare and cook the meal together.

Our main priority and focus is to get the individuals out of their comfort and encourage them to participate in outdoor activities to help and support them becoming more active physically and socially. This will hopefully boost their sense of wellbeing and help building a positive relationship with the support worker or coach. However, as you see in the package we do have alternatives that we can do to provide extra support if necessary and if it is bad weather.